You know what is the easiest beauty tip - that simply everyone can follow? You'll never believe - but it is SO simple :) Just drink water. It will help your body in so many ways! Add 1 cup - good Add 2 cups - great Add 3-4 cups - you are clearly going to see results! Of course - water is the best option, but you can mix it with green tea or coffee, as long as drinking water will be part of your daily routine.

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"I’m guessing its the mix of dead sea salts and different oils that make this body scrub so superior....Its easy to use, quite solid to scoop out, whereas others have been very loose and I end up dropping half in the bath before it ever gets to my skin! I gently rubbed my skin with this – the perfume is wonderful – and then simply rinsed off. I could see the oils on the surface of my skin as the water ran off, and they seem to be easily absorbed as...

"When my mother used this product, I saw immediate results. Her wrinkles diminished into finer lines that nearly disappeared and after a full week of using the product, she had youthful skin once again!"

Just a beautiful video that one of our customers posted on youtube, starring our Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Vitamin C

Now that I am in my 30ish, it’s hard to accept the fact that I am not getting younger and sooner or later my skin will definitely shows that it’s aging ....One serum that stands out from others is the 180 Cosmetics Hyaluronic Serum + Vitamin C. Within a month of using it, I saw a huge difference in my skin. It’s more radiant and I love the smoothness of my skin every after using it because it’s non-greasy and fast absorbing. - See more at:

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"Okay, I admit it! I am addicted to 180 Cosmetics Hyaluronic Serum. I am so in love with it. This is my second product that I received for review. This product provide your skin with Hyaluronic acid to help hold moisture in but it also contains Vitamin C which serves as an antioxidant to give you a more youthful appearance. It helps to even skin tone appearance and lighten dark spots especially with my acne scars." Read more what the Frugal Chickas had to write :