180 Cosmetics Products - Customer Review - by Beauty Blog by EB

We want you to be impressed of what our customers have to say about our product so we are just quoting them:

"This is really a thick and rich eye serum, but goes very smooth and covers almost entire face with 1 drop. I mean this serum is not like the other ones that have tons of reviews and you buy them just to find out almost like water. I’ve been using this serum almost 3 weeks now and honestly i’ve started thinking it’s not working for me. Then yesterday my husband told me that the bags under my eyes were getting unnoticeable. What kind of woman doesn’t like to hear this comment from her significant others! Anyway, I really looked at my face in mirror with good light last night, and i have to admit the fine wrinkle lines are not that clear like they used to be! After 3 weeks, I’m finally happy about the result!"




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