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Yes, Beauty CAN Be Timeless

By Marketing 180Cosmetics March 05, 2016

Lately, everyone I know, from the other moms in the schoolyard, to the women propped up alongside me in the gym, to my girlfriends at a coffee date at the mall – there isn’t one woman I know who is not concerned about aging. Either we are trying to avoid it, hide it, cover it or like me, just conveniently trying to avoid it!

The one thing we know for sure is that aging is as much a part of our everyday life as our home, our jobs, our children and our livelihood. There’s just no way around it, no matter how hard we try. We will age, we will ache, we will first notice the first signs of aging with a wrinkle, a line, or some all too shocking darker circles under our eyes. But what’s the upside of aging? And yes, there really is one – that much, I do know.

The upside of aging is beauty – and not just fashion magazine or runway beauty – real beauty – and for me, real beauty is timeless. If you want to combat aging and face it, head on, then you can only do it by truly believing in your inner and your outer beauty. Needless to say, when I look at beauty websites (and I do look!), I’m forever searching for new ways to make my skin look and feel more youthful. If I’m going to age, I want to age well and what I really want, is to age… beautifully.  

For some of my friends, resorting to invasive measures such as surgery or Botox, put the “B” back into Beauty, may have taken years off their face – and their wallets! I decided on the “road less traveled” and preferred to focus more on the quality and health of my skin in the comfort of my own home. Simple measures that included using a non-abrasive face wash, morning and night, followed by a good moisturizer. Since I don’t wear a heavy makeup base, I really took the time to research the definition of “a good moisturizer” and I learned that moisturizing my skin was the end all and be all of truly timeless beauty.

Keeping my skin moisturized or hydrated, as many products claimed to do, fast became my single plan of action. I tried countless creams and serums for dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, damaged skin – and when I was just about to give up and give in, I learned about the merits of long-lasting, deep moisturizing cream. I learned that skincare products enriched with Vitamin C gave me back my complexion, but it wasn’t until I learned about the persistent, ongoing use of all-natural products, that I was truly convinced. Vitamin-enriched facial scrubs at least 1-2 times a week for real deep-cleaning, daily moisturizing cream on my face and neck, topped off by a gentle and refreshing under-eye cream – my menu. Two months ago, this became my daily ritual. And today, I do feel and look beautiful, refreshed and renewed. So is beauty timeless? For me, the answer is… absolutely, yes. 

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